We’re celebrating 25 years of MedStop One serving Southeast MO and Southern IL. We can’t thank our patients enough for entrusting your care with us and inviting us into your family. We’re already into the 2nd Quarter of 2022, so it’d be a good time to be thinking about getting that annual physical completed (which your insurance pays 100%) and the associated labs that go along with that physical exam. When you’re feeling good, it’s hard to think about anything bad, and definitely not thinking about scheduling a medical office visit….NO WAY! I encourage you, that that is exactly when you need to do so. Let us give you, and your family, an even greater peace of mind. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.
As we look forward to Good Friday and Easter this weekend, I thank God for all our blessings and His gift of His son Jesus, who through Him, the promise of eternal salvation. God Bless you all and our great Nation.

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